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I received a treatment from Barbara after I had foot surgery. My discomfort was greatly relieved and my chiropractor noticed a big improvement in my condition. He asked me what I had done and I told him I had received an acupuncture treatment. He was so impressed he asked me to give him Barbara’s business card so he could refer other patients to her.– Laurie M., Coronado, CA
I can’t believe the deep sleep I had after my first treatment. It was the first time I had slept more than 2 hours in about 6 months.– Bettye V., Encinitas, CA
Barbara treated me for rashes that had plagued me for years. She used one simple (and tasty) Chinese herb and some gentle acupuncture. My regular rash evaporated within a few weeks and never came back. That was several years ago.– Andy L., Solana Beach, CA
I have a slightly damaged heart. I have learned to live with it, listen to it and manage my diet and exercise to keep it healthy without medicine. After a few months of Tuesday evening group acupuncture treatments I can FEEL my heart muscle pumping strong and steady.– Juawayne K., Rancho Bernardo, CA
Feeling wrung out after a very stressful week, I went to Barbara for a treatment. The next day my body felt more solid both inside and out. Thanks to my relaxed muscles allowing my shoulders to drop down and back as they should, my posture was much improved. I appreciate Barbara’s knowledge and skills in giving me what my body needs. And, I love the fact that her treatments are healthy for the whole body, while also treating specific aliments.– Bobbi K., Solana Beach, CA
During one of several acupuncture treatments with Barbara I had an unexpected release of emotions. Barbara held such compassion for me and gently guided me in understanding the origin of my discomfort. I felt a lightness in my body and clarity of mind by the end of the session. As a healer she holds a beautiful space for one to transform and heal.– Janice M., Carlsbad, CA
I saw Barbara for facial acupuncture which was relaxing, soothing and amazingly revitalizing for my entire body, as well as my facial muscles. A noticeable difference in the “before” and “after” photos – I deeply appreciated Barbara’s level of care and the sanctuary she has created in her beautiful office.– Barbara T., Encinitas, CA