Barbara Seymour, LAc, MS

Barbara Seymour, LAcBarbara Seymour, LAc, MS is an acupuncturist with a long and unique history in both Traditional Chinese and Japanese style medicine.

After completing her undergraduate degree at UCSB (BS in Physiological Psychology) she completed a 2 year program in Chinese Medicine with Angela Wu at SFSU. She then spent a year in Taiwan ROC learning Chinese at the National University Mandarin Training Center. Living in Japan for 8 years she studied acupuncture at the Edokai Institute in Tokyo (3 year program) and had several internships; one at Dr. Motoyama’s institute in Inogashira Tokyo and another at Dr. Kimiya Goto’s clinic in Yokohama.

Upon returning to California, Barbara studied at Meiji College in Berkeley (now AIMC) and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, a Daoist school in Oakland, where she earned her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the San Diego Wildfires of 2007, Barbara led a team of acupuncturists doing relief work in the affected areas of San Diego for the relief organization Acupuncturists Without Borders. The team of 13 gave over 300 treatments in a 10 day period, and treated first responders as well as those traumatized by the fires.

Barbara has been practicing acupuncture in Solana Beach since 2006. Her treatments are a combination of Japanese and Chinese style acupuncture which she combines with Craniosacral therapy to provide effective, healing and deeply relaxing treatments.

She is also an instructor at the California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas where she teaches a class on Contemporary Concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Masters and PhD program.