AcuDidge collage
Barbara has been holding this clinic at her office as a community outreach for the last 13 years to provide a simple, low pressure way to introduce her practice to the people of North County. This event is becoming more popular every week. Regular attendees report better sleep, calmer days, more mental clarity, resistance to colds and flu, and less physical pain. Come join us and see how much better you can feel!

Clinic Details
  • Participants are treated in a seated position in a group setting.
  • Small sterile acupuncture needles are inserted very shallow into specific points of the outer ear.
  • After setting a healing intention, the group sits quietly in meditation while listening to gentle and relaxing didgeridoo sounds.
  • Plan to be in session for about 45 minutes.
The treatment given is based on the NADA (National Acupuncture Detox Association) protocol which was designed to treat alcohol and drug addiction. Years later, it was found to have application in the general population as an effective treatment for a variety of conditions including those related to stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

Benefits of Ear Acupuncture
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • A boosted immune system
  • Reduced anxiety and irritability
  • Boosted energy and metabolism
  • Improved mental clarity, focus, concentration and memory
The didgeridoo is an ancient wind instrument native to the Aboriginal Australians. This instrument is a long cylinder generally made of a eucalyptus branch that has been naturally hollowed out by termites. The main sound of the didgeridoo is a low hollow drone. To create a constant unbroken sound, a special technique called circular breathing is used. In Aboriginal culture the didgeridoo is used for celebrations and in their sacred ceremonies.

In recent years the haunting and rhythmic sound of the didgeridoo has gained appreciation in other cultures outside of Australia and it is becoming a popular sound for music and meditation.

The deep droning sound from the didgeridoo can be compared to therapeutic ultrasound therapy used to treat chronic pain conditions. Taking part in a didgeridoo sound meditation can lead to a deep and trance-like relaxation that can benefit participants on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

These two guided meditations are used to help AcuDidge participants enter into a deeply healing and meditative state.

Guided Meditation for Relaxation
Guided Meditation for Setting Healing Intentions